Raiding in Warcraft

Raiding Schedule

The community raid event is currently scheduled for the following days & times:

  • Tuesday @ 5:00 PM PT (8:00 PM ET)
  • Thursday @ 5:00 PM PT (8:00 PM ET)

These times are subject to change depending on general circumstances of the raiders that attend frequently. Please let us know if there are better days/times for you!


Generally speaking, the community members participating in the raid events are expected to follow the same guidelines as listed in the Community Guidelines. Due to the nature of raiding, however, there are a number of additional guidelines listed below. These are designed to clarify what members can expect when raiding with the community. Moreover, these are not “hard set” rules and can be adjusted to suit the community raid.


Reliability is extremely important when raiding. It is much easier to react to boss mechanics when everyone is working as a team, and teamwork doesn’t buildup overnight. Additionally, gear obtained while raiding with the community is an overall improvement for the group. That improvement is lost when a player that received loot doesn’t show up for raid night. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you try to make each raid night.

Life happens. There will come a time when raiding with the community is a last priority in your life. That is more than understandable. Please make sure to leave a message in Discord if you won’t be able to make the raid night.


With this being a community event, it is necessary to keep this a safe and fun environment.

  • Constructive criticism about another raider should be sent to the raid leader in a private chat.
  • Voice chat during boss fights is reserved for calling out mechanics.
  • Voice chat outside of boss fights is freely open for general chatter.
  • Disputes about loot will be handled by the raid leader.
  • Suggestions on how to handle a boss mechanic should be sent to the raid leader in a private chat.
  • The raid will try to have a main tank, a lead healer, and a lead damage dealer to call out the specific mechanics for their roles.


Raiders are expected to have a general understanding of the boss mechanics. There are a number of excellent websites with raid guides, such as Wowhead and Icy-Veins. The raid leader will go over a basic summary of the boss fights prior to pulling the first couple of times, and they will call out the boss mechanics for the general raid during the fight. Roles that require specific mechanics will be called out by their respective role leads.

Consumables are NOT required. There may be fellow raiders willing to craft up consumables for you; please provide them with the materials needed to craft those items. The boost provided by consumables can be minimal when compared to the cost of obtaining the items.

You should work to increase your item level and general character optimization (i.e. legendaries, conduits, etc.) outside of raid. The better you become directly correlates to making the raid team better. Though, to be clear, is a definitely not expected that you raid outside of raid night.

Recruitment & ‘Pugging’

Signups for raid nights are handled in our Discord server. The #events channel there will have weekly reoccurring events for both raid nights. Please select your preferred role icon (tank, healer, damage dealer) to signup. You will receive a reminder from the Discord bot shortly before the event starts.

Some nights it may be necessary to ‘pug’ for other players to raid with us. This will only happen when our attendance is too low to support a full guild raid. The raid will be cancelled 30 minutes after the scheduled start time if attendance is still to low to start at that time.

Players that join through ‘pugging’ will be treated no differently than a community member in regards to these expectations and loot.


Software and Addons