Warcraft Guilds

Guild Information



The Founder, also known as the Guild Leader, is Jonas (aka Pink) for the Alliance guilds and Paul (aka Sardian) for the Horde guilds. This rank can make any change to the guild and access any feature. Members should, specifically, reach out to a Founder if they notice any issues with guild permissions.

Leadership Team

Members of the Leadership Team have the same responsibilities of a moderator. On top of that, they assist the guild leaders (founders) in making general community decisions, such as raiding, events, and disciplinary actions.


Most players will be accustom to how moderators work. These are the community members that act as the ‘front line’ in responding to disputes and disagreements. They have the ability to remove members from the guild in-game, as well as ban/silence members in Discord.


Players that are active in chat, willing to help, and participate in community events are recognized for their contributions. These players will obtain the rank of Veteran. Veterans get access to a daily allotment of gold for repairs and a special guild bank tab.


Players that initially join the guilds will have the rank of Member. Members do not have access to guild repairs; their access to the guild bank is limited.

Bank Access

Members will start with basic access to the guild bank. They will have no daily gold allotment for repairs until they get the rank of Veteran. Members and Veterans both have their own tabs in the guild bank to use as they see fit, with Veterans being able to access both tabs.

Bank Tabs

  • Open Use Tab
  • SL Materials
  • SL Craftables
  • SL Consumables
  • SL Gear
  • Members Tab
  • Veterans Tab
  • Moderators Tab