Events for Warcraft

Mythic Monday

Join four other guild members in knocking out your Mythic Keystones and working towards getting the best loot from the Great Vault. You will need one tank, one healer, and three damage dealers who have reached max level (60). Event signups are handled through the Apollo Discord bot on our Discord server (join here) in the #events channel. Please select your preferred role on the event signup message.

Once your group has come together and you have all the necessary roles, please leave a quick message in the #hangouts channel with the Discord names of everyone in your group. This will help others know which registered members are available to invite to their own groups.

Raiding Events

Raiding allows our community guilds the opportunity to face down some of the worst villains in World of Warcraft lore. We get together upwards of 10 players. We jump into voice chat on Discord. Then, we teach the raid bosses a lesson in why you don’t mess with a gaymer!

You can learn more about our raiding events by going to the webpage here. Signups are managed through our Discord server in the #events channel.

General Meeting Events

Sometimes it’s nice to simply come together as a community. We try to meet up in-game every other month, usually in a beautiful location in the current expansion. During these meeting events you can learn about what the community has planned, offer feedback, and generally hangout with the rest of the community!