Your Gaming Setup!


This past week my Razer Naga 2014 finally stopped working. The little beast had been chugging on for the past four years, lasting nearly as long as my longest relationship with something :laughing: It was a sad day when it stopped working, just because of the nostalgia, but I also realized something: I don’t know if I can play games without it!

If any of you don’t know, the Razer Naga has a 12 button keypad on the left-side of the mouse, where the thumb rests. It is amazingly helpful in games like World of Warcraft. I can press those buttons on my mouse, very quickly (since the distance between them is incredibly small, and only one finger needs to move to press them), and I can use keybindings to allow other buttons like SHIFT, ALT, or CTRL to become modifiers… giving me ~48 keys, just from the keypad (i.e pressing SHIFT down before hitting one of the numbers). There are other mouse buttons right below the wheel (which itself clicks down), which usually help me chance my stance/forms.

Out of anything else on my computer, my mouse has to be my most precious piece of equipment… notably because I quickly came to find out that my uber-‘try hard’ desktop, with all of its nice and powerful components, was completely useless without a mouse! On top of that, I’ve realized how much of a difference it has made to my overall gameplay… in nearly any game that I can think of…

So, my question to you: is there something that you could not play without? Is there anything that you would like to get to help you game? Let me know by replying below!