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The Gaymers Community, founded in late 2015, has the overarching mission to provide players with the opportunities and gaming experiences that they deserve by giving every player the ability to simply be themselves. Members of the community, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other factor that makes them a diverse person, need not fear rejection or retribution while partaking in community activities or interacting with other members. It is the community’s goal to rise above the generally toxic atmosphere that the anonymity of being online has brought into the gaming worlds.

Expectations for Members

Following the community’s mission, members will only be expected to treat one another, and other players in the game, with the respect that their standing as a fellow human being demands. Yes, there are times when views conflict. Yes, there are times when people will become frustrated with one another. It is expected, however, that there is always a civil discourse and decency when dealing with these matters.

Politics and other sensitive matters are not off-limits. Though it may seem like common sense, it is merely expected that members remain cognizant of the other people in the community. A civil back-and-forth on different worldly perspectives is always welcome. Attacking people for holding varying beliefs and ideals will be severely discouraged and, depending on the situation, may be grounds for removal from the community.

Important Links

  • Discord

    • Discord is a wonderful chat and voice program that gives community members the opportunity to stay connected, either through the desktop application or by using the mobile app, outside of the usual gameplay. Everyone is highly encouraged to join the Discord server (linked above) to stay abreast of any community news and/or announcements, connect with other awesome community members, and generally have a great time. As always, members that utilize text/voice chatting should remain aware of the impact their words could have on others.
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  • Twitter

  • World of Warcraft In-Game Community (Alliance)

  • World of Warcraft In-Game Community (Horde)