War of Thorns Chapter 2.... Thoughts?


The Lore?

Chapter 2 of the Pre-Launch story, essentially the prequel of the expansion’s storyline, has been released this week. There has been a lot of discussions taking place about these events long before this week… probably dating back to BlizzCon when this image was teased:

So, before any more is said about these events… let us delve into the details.

Notice: Everything that contains spoilers will be hidden by default. Do not expand these sections unless you wish to know, or have already completed, those areas of the content!

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Cinematic & In-Game (Non-Beta) Spoilers

Let’s talk about Sylvanas. It appears as if she has gone completely crazy, almost a full-blown Warcraft version of Bellatrix Lestrange. The questline takes us through a period in which she was quite clearly losing a battle to Malfurion, only able to win with a ‘dishonorable blow’ by Saurfang… which Saurfang immediately regrets striking… and Sylvanas demands for Malfurion’s head to be chopped off (talk about some Game of Throne vibes eh?).

The cinematic shows that she has had a troubled past, of that there is no doubt, but she seems almost gleeful at the pain of the Night Elf Captain. Giddy with joy… drunk on the other’s desperation and agony… and the complete disregard for life as she commands the burning of the tree.

So, here are my thoughts and questions to all of you…

Has Syvanas finally snapped?
Has she always been this way? The ‘Before the Storm’ novel definitely gives insight into her spiteful mindset.
Why hasn’t anyone in the Horde stepped up yet?
Will someone step up?
Is the Horde even upset by this?

  • Saurfang did seem very unsure that the battle could be considered a ‘victory.’ He was very adamant that innocent lives were spared… and Sylvanas poo-pooed all over those intentions by killing the innocents in the tree.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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