The Ultimate Conclusion of Extreme Political Division


The United States is in an interesting position when it comes to partisan politics. Anyone that has studied the Constitution, or even some of the fundamentals of government, know that the Federal Government is comprised of individual States, which are their own nation-states that voluntarily join an overarching ‘oversight’ body (Federal Gov’t). Over the many years, the Federal Gov’t has gained a great deal of power, but the States are still the foundation of that power. They give lease to the Federal Gov’t to govern in certain aspects, but the State still overrides that over Federal.

Now, with that out of the way, I am fearing the extreme division that partisan politics is causing in our nation. You can, for the most part, dictate which party a person favors by knowing which State they identify with the most. This is, obviously, not always the case… but… what happens when a Federal Gov’t goes too far in one direction? What happens when it breaches too greatly upon a State’s sovereign right to govern its people?

There may come a day, when divisions are at their greatest, that people start flocking to a state that champions the politics that they identify with the most. At that time, heaven forbid, the States may have to revoke Federal Gov’t ability to oversee their governing affairs. The States could be faced with the choice of being forced to adhere to rules and laws that are blatantly opposite of the State’s own standing laws.

Imagine… a day in which the Unites States of America, our grand USA, can only be known as the States of America. Each state its own separate nation-state. The nation would turn into something very similar to Europe. These partisan politics that are reigning freely need to be put in check. Governing needs to return to facts, logic, and doing what is responsible and right. It cannot continue to be lead by extremist factions that revel in unsubstantiated ‘feelings.’

Do you think there could come a day in which States much choose to break away from the Federal nation? What happens after that?