Socail Gaming and Relationships


Good Day Peeps!

First, a very Happy New Year’s to everyone. :wine_glass: Here’s to hoping that 2018 is, at the very least, marginally better than the previous year. Now, for my first post of the year.

I’ve been thinking recently about the difficulties a person faces when they are part of a social gaming community AND in a very close relationship. I was wondering how other people, in similar situations, find a happy medium between the two.

Some of the things that we have encountered tend to turn into ‘either/or’ situations. One person might have a headache. So, we both go do something that is relaxing… like watching some Netflix and cuddling. On the same hand, a person (less social than the other) may not want to get on and talk with people. Instead, they want to listen to music on the speakers and have a relaxing day of gaming. Even beyond all that, I find that we oftentimes opt to play the same game, which means that taking part of community activities or planning them gets pushed further from thought.

When looking back, I cannot recall too many couples that heavily game together in a social capacity. There would always be one person from the relationship that would get on Discord to chat with everyone, while we rarely heard from their other half. Of course, that is dependent on the idea that they game together at all.

As a person with a wonderful boyfriend, I try to be cognizant of his welfare and desires. There have been many days when I would jump on to voice chat with people, look over to see a unhappy face, and realize that he wanted to simply spend the day with me. I wonder though… knowing that two people are different in their approach to being socially active… is there any middle-ground to be reached or, as in the other examples of relationships, do the two people need to completely separate their interests when it comes to gaming?