Show Me Yours & I'll Show You Mine: A Numbers-Size Comparison



That’s what you might think when logging in after the 8.0 Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch. Blizzard has done it again. They’ve squished our numbers. Besides being a purely aesthetical difference, since the gameplay doesn’t change at all, it’s incredibly nostalgic to think of the big numbers we once held so dear!

In light of this… let’s all share screenshots of our in-game statistics pages (found under the achievements panel). To make it easy, upload a screenshot and then write out the numbers in typical number format.

I’ll make the first post. May the biggest numbers reign supreme!


Largest hit dealt: 40,180,148
Largest hit received: 11,007,997
Total damage done: 109,731,774,730
Total damage received: 19,522,590,272
Largest heal cast: 6,375,518
Largest heal received: 6,378,518
Total healing done: 90,308,511,886
Total healing received: 27,177,208,097

Yep,you read that correctly. My largest heal was… cast on myself! Eeeeek!


Largest hit dealt: 355721375
Largest hit received: 3542595
Total Damage Done: 18748274443
total damage received: 3901847498
largest heal cast: 3117800
total healing done: 2165894813
total healing received: 3444943653


Largest hit dealt: 332841517
Largest hit received: 6711712
Total Damage Done: 336684460667
total damage received: 25051540301
largest heal cast: 10669900
largest heal received: 6082496
total healing done: 5932225719
total healing received: 25810944026


Largest hit dealt: 355,820,487
Largest hit received: 6,448,290
Total Damage Done: 331,927,056,439
total damage received: 32,439,933,226
largest heal cast: 11,947,852
largest heal received: 11,947,852
total healing done: 10,120,677,882
total healing received: 31,754,845,160


Noooo! @Galvest You’ve cast a bigger heal than me!!! AHHHHHHH! My life as a healer has been surpassed by a little gnome mage! lol