Reasoning Behind the Switch to Discourse


Hello All!

As I am sure you have undoubtedly noticed, especially for the frequent users of the website, we have fully switched over to a new software implementation of the website. Previously we had used phpBB, which is a renown and commonly-used forum platform, but we quickly found shortcomings that prevented the community from being fully engaged.

Discourse, on the other hand, brings forward a modern design and a significant performance enhancement. While you will most likely not see any special graphics flying around, or have crazy baubles added to sidebars, you will notice that there are a lot of amazing features built into the Discourse platform itself.

So, how does all of this affect you? Well, you will need to register with this website, regardless if you were previously registered on the old phpBB platform. On top of that, the old forum posts have disintegrated during the tranfer, which means we need a LOT of content to get back to where we were!