Raiding: Continue or Postpone?


Hey Team!

There’s always the ‘end of expansion’ drop-off from even the most invested players. This makes itself apparent every raid night for many guilds. It leads to this conversation being a necessity. Should be consider the advantages of no longer raiding in an official capacity until the next expansion?

I firmly believe that group content will always create a wonderful and cohesive community, and raiding goes a long way towards setting up a regular event that members can rely on. Unfortunately, there gets to be a point in which players are no longer as enthusiastic about completing the end-game raids together. It has been something that the group has been doing over, and over, and over again. In that light, if raiding were to come to a close for the time being, we would continue to sponsor community events on a regular basis. They may even happen during the same time/days as the current raid slot.

You may have noticed a very distinct selection of words in the previous paragraphs: ‘official.’ Players will, of course, be more than welcome to create their own raid nights and/or pug with one another. There can be quite a strong argument made that the past few months have already devolved into more of a “PUG with Friends Night” instead of the typical raid team smashing through new content. We can continue on with that theme, but it would be only dependent on who is available… with no expectations or strict time constraints.

Furthermore, it is the end of the expansion! This is a wonderful time, in this lull of content, to go around Azeroth to grind out those old mounts/achievements that have evaded us for years. Legion, moreso than many previous expansions, barraged players with a constant stream of ‘must do’ tasks that mostly prevented players from pursuing these ‘frivolous’ activities. Outside of that, it is noticeable that a great deal of community members have set their sights on various different games to fill their time. They become invested in those games, for the time being, and raid nights become more of an inconvenience than an activity that the look forward to every week, especially considering that it has become increasingly difficult to fully gather a group of raiders and progress forward through the encounters.

We will raid again, that much is definitely without doubt. In the long run, given the event that we do stop raiding, it may provide the community an opportunity to rebuild a core raid group. Regardless, let me know what you think in the comments below (you will need to register with the website to leave a comment). We look forward to hearing your feedback. We plan on making the final decision by next Tuesday!

Happy Adventures!


I would like to raid with the guild weekly. I understand there is time constraints and other activities outside of WoW that would be inconvenience since it is the end of content before next expansion. In light of this I suggest we do the Glory of the Legion hero or glory of the legion raider. I also wouldnt mind doing WoD stuff as well and older achievements as such.

Swagidon(Alliance) & Qianru (Horde)