Raiding Break - Starting Back Up with the Next Tier



Hey All,

Summary: We will be taking a break from raiding, but we definitely plan to have the team back up and running by the next tier. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in the meantime, and we’re always looking for suggestions on how to provide a better raiding environment that maintains are standards as a community.

As I am sure you have all noticed, we have recently been struggling in getting enough people online to form groups for our weekly raid nights. It’s quite understandable, considering that a large portion (~30%) of our primary guild has gone inactive over the past two months, with more and more people opting to play other games instead of grinding WoW. I am hoping that the next patch (8.1) will be an incentive for people to return.

We were struggling with how to recruit for the team when so many seem to be walking away, at least temporarily, from the game. There are whispers saying that the guild has gone ‘stagnant.’ Yet, I do not believe the dissatisfaction is with the community since very few people are actually leaving the guilds. They are simply going inactive… stepping away, and it has caused us to reconsider a few of our community management strategies. For raiding, should we recruit externally? What are the concerns in doing that? How can we address the dangers of recruiting externally? Or, perhaps, should we boot players before our typical 6-month inactively deadline, to make room for more people that are still playing the game?

On top of that, I had worried that my personal raiding techniques of being quite inclusive and relax were the cause of our decline in raid attendance. It was the primary reason that I had started looking for a replacement. Even now, I would be more than ecstatic if some really awesome peep would be willing to step up and fill the raid leader position within the community mission of creating a safe and fun environment for everyone. Unfortunately, I am still unsure how to tread that fine line to please both the community members that wish to progress at a faster place and the members that prefer a more relaxed and passive raid night.

We will still raid. During the month or two that we are taking off, we will be considering the questions raised here to see how we can formulate a better experience for the community. By the time that we start back up in the next raid tier (a heavily Horde vs Alliance themed tier) we should have things structured a bit better for everyone.

As always, we welcome any suggestions or feedback! You can comment to this post or send me a private message on here!