New Ranking System


Ranking System Update

We’ve made a few changes, recently, to the guild & Discord ranking systems. The names are themed to work with the Battle for Azeroth expansion. However, since there are now multiple ranks, there is also a form of promotions system. I will do my best to explain all of this below.!

The New Rank Names & Perks

  • Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Chancellor
    • Community Officers
  • Knight
    • Members that have both registered on the website and joined the Discord server.
    • In-Game: 400 gold in daily guild repairs; ability to invite new members; use guild speak
    • In Discord: Read/Write; join voice; react with emoji; embed links; share files; use external emojis
  • Squire
    • Members that have only joined/registered for either the website or Discord; not both.
    • In-Game: 100 gold in daily guild repairs; use guild speak
    • In Discord: Read/Write; join voice; react with emoji; use external emoji
  • Citizen
    • Members that have not joined either the website or Discord. The default rank.
    • In-Game: Use guild speak
    • In Discord: Read/Write; join voice channels

How to Get Promoted?

Note: these don’t have to be in any specific order. You will be promoted for doing one or the other. Then you will get promoted a second time once you have completed both!

  • Join Discrd @
    • List your in-game characters in the #warcraft_character channel. This is so we can keep track which people have been given the appropriate promotions in-game!
    • Go to the #bot_command channel and use the command “%auth”. This will link the Jeeves Bot and your account together, through Blizzard services. Doing this will enable the Jeeves Bot to sync your in-game rank to your Discord rank!
    • You will notice an emoji reaction to your message in #warcraft_character. This means that we have already promoted your characters in-game!

Do note that %auth does not always work. Let me know if you have issues with the command (you can check by using the command “%toon view”). The issue is probably with the Blizzard API, and will resolve with a little patience, but I will do my best to assist where I can.

  • Register for the website @
    • List your characters in a response to the 'Claim Your Character… " thread. Again, this is so we know which characters to promote and to keep track of which characters have been promoted!
    • You will get the response ‘liked’ by either a community leader or community officer, which will signal that the promotions have been applied in-game!

Keep an eye out for further correspondence from the leadership. There may be times when we are unable to find a character listed, want to assist in getting listed toons in the guild, or have general questions about your post! You’ll know that you are in the ‘clear’ when either an emoji reaction or like has been made!

A Closing Remark

Our intention with this new ranking system is not to detract from a member’s experience in the guild. We have tried to make it so that many of the perks for gaining the ranks are entirely unnecessary… frivolous… additions to your community interaction. Considering that the grand majority of news, announcements, and activity happens on either the website or in Discord, we have been brainstorming for ways to encourage/ incentivize our members to visit them. Of course, you will typically find that the website is optimal for long-form comments and semi-permanent pictures; whereas Discord is fast-paced immediate communication.

As always, we are open to both feedback and suggestions! We cannot promise to implement anything, but we will certainly take everything into consideration. We truly appeciate having you in the community, and we look forward to seeing you around on the website/Discord!