Hola! How are we are all?


Hey guys! I finally got a login! -Bel



Woot! YAS! HOLA! :heart: :heart: :rainbow_flag:

Hiya Bel! How have you been? Did you see that the release date for the new expansion has been announced?! I’m so freaking excited!


Yay Bel!!! How have you been?

I’m so bummed about the release date. Not only is a blackout date so I can’t ask for the day or anytime around it off, but it is also peak week so I’ll be working overtime that week. It is the worst week all year except for maybe the week of Christmas for it to be released all year for me, haha.


And you know what that means… it means that I won’t be able to play either! :scream: I would feel absolutely horrible playing without my honey being able to play at the same time, and… you know… I kind of like to talk; so, I don’t know if I could avoid spoiling anything for him IF I was super excited about something!