Classic (Vanilla) Servers for WoW?


There has been a lot of discussion these last few days about the necessity, fears… and general pros and cons, after Blizzard announced their intent to create classic servers. A lot of this discussion on the large gaming forums, like MMO-Champion and the Blizzard forums, have devolved into fire-fights between trolls and enthusiast.

This makes me wonder though… how many of you are interested in playing the classic servers, whenever they’re released? I am pretty sure than Paul and I are going to play on vanilla when we have down-time in current content, but we are not going to make it a priority.

If there is a large group wanting to smash it out, and make classic their primary Warcraft experience, we can always shuffle a few community recourses around to bring it into the fold.

What do you all think? Any opinions about classic servers?


I’m looking forward to playing them on a very casual basis, as I played them when all we HAD was classic lol. That being said, while I do agree that the experience was amazing and the achievements made during that experience were awesome and life-changing, I remember also how bad it could be at times lol. I remember farming for weeks, or even months, to get ready for a raid that glitched, or didn’t last long enough. I remember how farming a node was basically a duel everytime. I remember gear drops that I couldn’t use. Heirlooms were not a thing, nor was flight, or easy gold, or even a reliable mail system lol

I remember the first time I entered nax, or a bg, or the original shadowfang keep (which was one of my faves at the time). I remember how broken warlocks were at first, but now I can’t stop myself from playing them. Same for mages :slight_smile:

For me, the idea of classic servers holds a sense of fear and excitement. Blizz has already said that the original code is gone and they’d have to rebuild from scratch. Everyone keeps saying they want to play a classic server experience, but they keep asking for additions to the game, like lfr and heirlooms, as well as the pet/mount/service store NONE of which were in the vanilla days. I’m kinda morbidly curious; is this going to be an awesome experience, or like we were told years ago, Do We Want It, But Really NOT Want It?


Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t a little like that really fun experience that we had as kids… you know, playing the N64… or jumping on a trampoline… going on the rides at the local fair…

I remember all of those things so well, and I remember them very fondly. It would be nice to have that experience again… but, to be honest, it’s not possible. I’m not a kid anymore. I don’t enjoy the same things as I did then, and the things I once considered exciting might be very dull now. Like when I watch some of my favorite old television shows… I still like them. I just notice how poor the quality and production is compared to the modern shows that I love.

The amazing thing about World of Warcraft is that the community has, for the most part, grown up with the game. Regardless of how old you were when you started playing in classic… the truth is that you are much older now. You understand gaming better. You understand World of Warcraft better.

My first, and most memorable, experience when I first started playing WoW was running away from the bears near Ironforge… not understanding at all that I should attack them, or even how to attack them. As a kid I had simply though… I made bears angry… I’m supposed to run away so they don’t eat me. No matter what I do, I can’t get that experience back… because I’ve slaughtered so many bears at this point for their various parts and pieces that they tremble at the sight of me.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing… but it’s always dangerous to go messing with past memories. We might not always come out on the other side with such fond feelings :frowning_face:


I commend all the players who have played since beta. Upon hearing this I noticed people in the WoW community from Facebook groups and such really excited about this subject. I have also heard stories of times past during Vanilla. Personally, I started in Dec 2015. I have really enjoyed playing WoW. I’m a casual player and hardly do any raids except LFR. I don’t think I will find myself playing Vanilla. I enjoy my pets, mounts and achievements. I fully support any guild members who do wish to play. Although once it is released and feedback is given I might be swayed differently who knows! :smiley: