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Proudmoore name is Kildares, Druid, and I would also like to get my current main Runethor, DK, in the Guild as I’m mainly playing him right now.

Username on both Guild site and Doscord is TexasMann.

Real name is Colby, and yep, I live in Texas. See y’all online soon!


Horde of Gaymers: Trysten and Piercedman
Gaymers United: Kaelem


My character is Tylluan -


Illias- Monk
Wrenecho- Shaman
Razielecho- Priest


This is Umbrah. I have a few alts in the guilds so we will just start here.

Discord and website are both robi_hanley


This is AFLOCKALYPSE!! The boomkin of deadly moonfire spam! I also have the character Touchet (my last name) in the guild. I have no idea how to post an armory link, sorry.



Saylá >.<
Wurdz is hard O_o


My character’s name is Krytonicus

My other (85 Mage) Kayalal will need an invite.


And I just added Pustiyama


Zaphodicus is my only toon in the guild



My characters in guild are Sarisar and Erfing.

Have a nice day!


Hey! My characters on the Alliance guild are:
and Nistryn (113 priest)


Hello! My character in game is Artiri. Always down to do some mythic + or arenas so never be shy to ask!



Hi, this is Valenix in guild


Baskyn - Gaymers United
Nathein - Horde of Gaymers


My character’s name is Mahuul in Horde of Gaymers :slight_smile:


Howdy! Chastifol - Horde of Gaymers :slight_smile:


Hello Forum members, Baskyn here, from the WoW group.