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Ottermus is my character in Horde of Gaymers, I am already a member of the discord server & now the website too.

Armory link:


Helloooo … This is me. :slight_smile: Just started playing in December so I don’t have any alts yet.

Gaymers United

Armory - Antønius

I’m a little shy with the audio but signed up on Discord Antonius#1779. Have no clue yet of what I’m doing on there lol


Shandus, Hyndoranth umm… Shanarius I think but will probably main my Blood DK and see how it goes


Hello, my name is Timothy!

I joined a couple of days ago under the name of latte.
On discord I’m TimGrrr



Joined a hot sec ago, been in Discord for a bit, but haven’t dropped my toons here yet.

Alliance Main:
Demon Hunter: Saiyinadina (sigh-IN-a-DI-na, Sai (Sigh) for short)

Alliance Alt:
Monk: Wreinera (ray-NAR-ah)

Horde Main:
Rogue: Karaija (car-EYE-ah, Kara for short)
… once upon a time this was my main. I created this character first as Krythnil, a human rogue, on Silver Hand, in November of 2004. She’s been with me through A LOT. This character is near and dear to my heart, and I may end up transferring her back to Alliance at some point.

Horde Alts:
Paladin: Zaraia (zar-EYE-ah)
Hunter: Sayissa (sigh-ISS-ah)
Druid: Tkanah (t-KAHN-ah)

Not all these toons are in guilds yet, but as I gain access to higher tier content on Sai & get bored with it, I’ll be pulling them in as I rotate through leveling them again. <3


Guess I should finally get around to this :P.

and my alt


Hi all. Diathell in game, Kelderek in Discord.

I look forward to Battling for Azeroth with you all.


Hey folks,

Here are my toons:

My main, Museknuckle —Gaymers United

Alliance alts (all in Gaymers United):
Rasple, Agevleon and Sparticle

Horde alts (all in Horde of Gaymers):
Estrelyos and Locomojo

My username on Discord is Sincarino :slight_smile:


Hi there my characters name is Urseana on the proudmore server. alliance side.


Horde of Gaymers, Fataljohnson


Howdy, Michael here, My in guild character is Eliziel


My characters: Henkly, Henkyr and Henkiel. Proudmoore, Alliance! I’m also no discord as Henki.


Hi my IGN on my toon currently in the guild is Rentauu


Horde or alliance side?


Horde or alliance side?


Torith here!

Discord name mace104


Alliance side on Proudmoore but I play both sides really



Discord name Wolfe



Butchitup, Rehabpanda, Rehabmonk, Zellymae, Zapurbutt

Always available!


Discord name Mïzanbi aka Laura.

Gaymers United: Mïzanbi and Bélanna.