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Hi, this is Remy. My toons in the Alliance guild are:




Yggdran here :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

My two main characters in guild are Alliance-side, Ethex and Etheriel :slight_smile:


Noanoa in Gaymers United


This is Badzatanna (lock) I think I will be maining this toon rather than my priest, Zachzatarra :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Gail.
My character is Eilyand :hearts:


Hey there :slight_smile:
I’m Alliance, gaymer’s united…
My character is Teeteebear



I play with the name amilyn (or ami of some sort), alliance, proudmoore

I’m also on Discord under my name Dena



I am on discord as G.

I also have a few alts in guild as well. Jypsi (lock), Tali (priest), Rafe (DK), Raike (Shamy). I like leveling characters a lot… lol



I have 2 toons in the Gaymer guilds. Mancheese is the one I mainly plan to play in Gaymers United. I also have a Shaman, Antinoos in Legion of Gaymers, he is not currently active but maybe down the road. I’m on both the discord and website.


Boomer here! Gaymer’s United : Odyn, Boomageddon, Belgarath, Beldaran
Legion of Gaymers : Poseidon

I also have two toons, Astreus and Sylvanas but I can’t remember which guild they are in. I also have a 104 belf pally named Boomer in our Horde of Gaymers guild



Sadly some of those are not in the guild… particularly anything that starts with BOOM! :boom: They may have been, inadvertently, pruned over the last number of months!

You know where to reach me if you want to re-add them :wink:


Hey guys! It’s Virth. Moved my pally Virthfel to the horde side of gaymers. Currently just have my hunter Aliyá in the guild, hopefully more soon!


I have many alts, but the only toon I’ll be playing for the forseeable future (including upcoming radiing) is



Elijah/ Piscesmoon -


It’s me! Az!

Azmiir - Paladin
Azjung - Monk Transferred to friend’s server
Aztharion - Demon Hunter (apparently this one is guildless)
Azmont - Death Knight
Azdaar - Priest


Hello Ariania here! This is my only character in the guild right now. I also joined the discord server but my name is Cratz on there.


Hello, My character in the guild is Howlland