Claim Your Character & Earn an In-Game Promotion!


Good Day Everyone!

There is a new ranking system in the guild for the new Battle for Azeroth expansion! The ranks are as follows:

  • Admiral
    • The Community Leader @Pink
  • Vice-Admiral
    • The Co-Community Leader
  • Chancellor
    • The new guild officer rank. If you’re interested in being a guild officer, having been with the guild for some time, make sure to message @Pink or @archsardian
  • Knight
    • Obtained after registering on the website and joining Discord
  • Squire
    • Obtained after either joining only the community Discord server @ or the website. Signing up for just one gives a promotion to this rank!
  • Citizen
    • Default rank.

List the characters that you have in one of the Gaymers Community guilds, preferably with an armory link to the said character. We will go through this forum topic, roughly, every day to check for more posting. Then, we will go ahead and promote your listed characters to “Knight,” if you’ve already joined the Discord server, or “Squire” if you’ve just registered for the website so far.

Let me know if you have any questions!


this is Diadoro, my charcters in guild are Galyndo and Hexaba. thanks


Hi there,

This is Jacen. My characters in the guild right now are Seadyn and Brinnai.



@anon62487856 @Diadoro

I’ve got you both! You’ve been promoted in-game. Just add another comment here if you get more characters in the guild at a later time!


I found a character on the Alliance side named Brinai (with only one ‘n’). Are those characters on the Horde side?


Plaguerose here, Traist is my only alt.


Hi, my characters are Lauriannah and Willowroot.


My characters are Lushan, Orryon, Gannor, Tremeer, Lushias, Voxxin, and possibly Terminous


Brinai is right. I probably just had to fudge with it while I was creating it. She should be a draenai shaman leveled into the 30s. Could you not find Saedyn?


@Jacen-Daemon Found it! Thank you a ton =)


Oh, could you add my rogue Tinystabstab too (not yet in guild)?


Hey there! Dallas here, I have a few chars in the Alliance guild:

Inaila, Nyunh, Moravayne, Moxaul, and Xaneria

Thank you :smiley:


Gaymers United: Corwim, Faridir, Ianestus, Ewam, Talric, Alein
Horde of Gaymers: Lursil


Gaymers United: Kalixti, Kalixtii


Horde of Gaymers: Nathus


Alliance: Tharus and Orsonax
Horde: Orsovar

TharusBear on Discord.





Zigzagx in game, whizzard on discord


PressXtoWin in game Princess Zoey
#1774 in discord.


Gaymers United: Eldist, Edowin
Discord: Edowin#8776


Toons include: