Battle for Azeroth Raiding: Essential and Recommended Addons


Good Day All!

The first raid tier for the expansion is quickly rounding the corner. As in such, I wanted to throw out a quick list of add-ons that are essential for raiding. Afterward, I will include another list of add-ons I recommend that raiders get to enhance their experiences.

Feel free to leave similar recommendations of your own in the comments below!


  1. Deadly Boss Mods -or- BigWigs Bossmods

    • While it may be possible to successfully be attentive to all the possible encounter buffs/debuffs and other such mechanics, these add-ons are designed to draw the attention of a player towards important and upcoming boss mechanics. They are designed to enhance the experience and enable the player to maximize their planning. It’s highly advisable that raiders acquaint themselves with the in-game configuration. Each buff/debuff/mechanic can be adjusted/added/removed AND each reminder/timer can be moved.
  2. Personal Loot Helper (PLH)

    • We are going to be using PLH to fairly divvy up the loot amongst our raid team. This add-on will automatically notify the player, through an in-game popup window, if they’ve received a piece of loot that is NOT an upgrade. It will display the item, and it will give the player the option to either ‘keep’ the item or offer it to the group. If offered, other players with PLH, that can use the loot, will have a window popup on their screens showing if it is an upgrade or an appearance that they do not have. They are given multiple different options to select from, like ‘pass’ ‘xmog’ and ‘need.’ After the selection is made the results are sent to the person that received the loot. They will make the final decision in which person receives the item.


  1. Details!

    • This addon is nearly a requirement for playing the game in its current state. While the sentiment of “I don’t care about numbers” is entirely understandable, the raiding environment demands that players be cognizant of their damage output, healing output, and mitigation (tanks). These numbers will enable the player to better recognize their areas of weakness, a potential for growth, and possible methods to improve the team overall. Information is, oftentimes, the key to success.
  2. H.H.T.D.

    • H.H.T.D., otherwise known as Healers Have to Die, announces and marks nearby creatures that are casting healing spells. It’s a well-known fact, though unfortunate, that healers must be made the top priority in an encounter. It is a fact that rings true in both Player-vs-Player (battlegrounds, arenas, etc.) AND Player-vs-Environment (dungeons, raids, etc.). The add-on will also inform players if a friendly healer is being attacked directly, which allows the healer to be saved from a potential early demise… and thereby save the player from their own early demise.
  3. Exorsus Raid Tools

    • It is almost difficult to describe ERT. In all reality, it is the closest thing to an ‘all-purpose multitool’ when it comes to Warcraft raiding. It checks to see if people are using WeakAuras and/or a Boss Mod. It provides attendance logs, raid cooldowns used, ready check, invite tools, and so much more. An alternative is Phoenix Style, which provides similar utilities.
  4. GTFO

    • GTFO, obviously short for “Get the Fudge Out”, will sound an alarm whenever the player is “standing in the fire.” This usually means any avoidable damage. Thankfully, the add-on can be easily customized to play as softly or loudly as you desire. If necessary, the player can also edit what will trigger the alarm. Yes, GTFO does get annoying… but it certainly serves as a reminder to stop standing in the poo. It’s especially effective after an hour or two of raiding, on a late weekend night, when everyone is already tired.
  5. Weak Auras 2

    • This particular add-on has become a mainstay in Warcraft success. It creates the opportunity for players to track nearly any aspect of the game that they desire, as long as it’s not a protected Blizzard function. The add-on gives players the means to track important cooldowns, optimal trinket usage, raid-wide cooldowns, boss mechanics that aren’t otherwise tracked by another add-on, etc. Quite literally, with WA2, the functionality is limited only by the creativity and demand. Besides, there are a great many, freely available, ‘strings’ or preconfigured WeakAuras that can be imported! Look forward to a separate post being made, in the near future, dedicated to redirecting everyone to recommended WeakAura sets!

To Note...

  • The ever finicky Gods of Warcraft (i.e. the game developers) tend to update the raid encounters; this is especially true in the first week or two of a raid tier. It is necessary to always check for updates before the start of raid. It’s very likely that an add-on needed to adjust due to changing boss mechanics/numbers.
  • There are an enormous amount of useful add-ons depending on both class and player role. Go ahead and ask for some assistance in the comments below if you’re not sure which ones to get, or how to set them up.


anyone here know any good plugins for Havoc DemonHunters?