A bit of an introduction/reintroduction


Hiya all!! Shandus here and I wanted to kind of introduce myself to those who don’t know me. Here is a bit of a backstory for my time with the community. I joined a few years ago when it was getting reformed and fell in love with it right away. The ideas and comradery was so great I knew I found my new home. I worked my way up to being an officer and raid leader and enjoyed it immensely. A problem arose that I will not go into and I ended up leaving the guild but later returned. I have been in the shadows here for a bit but am stepping into the light once more. Since I have developed a rare disease that is keeping me from working I am going to be more active with the community/ If anyone has any questions or issues or just needs to vent I am here. Anytime you see me on just send me a message and I will always respond to anyone for any reason no matter how small. I am planning on maining my DK who’s name is Hyndoranth but I am using Incognito to show (Shandus) so everyone knows who I am. I love talking in Discord but it is always so lonely so if you ever see me on there don’t be afraid to pop in and say “Hello”. Well I shall end this story and thank you for taking the time to read this. Good Journey my fellow Gaymers!!!


Thanks for the intro Shandus. Sorry to hear about the challenges you are going thru. I am however happy to have you back in the community. Wishing you the best. I will make sure to stop in for a chat.

Mibear (Mike)



We’ve missed you terribly. Although the cause behind your surge of activity is horrible, we are glad to have you back. Just remember that the offer to vent goes both ways. I’ll always be willing to chat with you, either through voice or something text-based, if you need to talk.

Regardless, I am ecstatic about playing with you again! It has been too long. With Blizzard’s extreme focus on getting people into raids and mythic dungeons, I look forward to keeping your health bar topped up in a guildie group!

Love ya o’ Danny Boy!


Ya for heals!! :grinning: When I have good days I am gonna be on and hopefully there are lots of good days ahead