Image: Logo for the Wowhead website

Wowhead provides a phenomenal service to all World of Warcraft communities, including ours. Whether you are looking up the best talents for your class/spec, guides for raid bosses, instructions on completing achievements, and so much more — the Wowhead website is able to provide an assisting hand in an ever expanding world. To help them continue providing the best information, there are a number of ways that we can support Wowhead.

Install the Wowhead Client

Wowhead compiles a lot of user data to provide information. This data includes loot drop chances, gathering nodes, and mob locations. Users can upload their own game data to the website by installing the Wowhead Client. The client is a desktop appliance and in-game addon. The importance of users sharing this type of data cannot be stressed enough. This information gives players a general idea of drop percentages, availability, and so on.

Comment on Articles

There have been plenty of times when we’ve come across something in-game that just didn’t make a lot of sense. A rare didn’t spawn the way we thought it would. The item we clicked on didn’t seem to do anything. The achievement we were going after seemed to have changed. In response to those, we go to the Wowhead articles to see if anyone has left a comment of similar issues.

Please make sure to go to an article and leave a comment with detailed instructions on working out tasks you found difficult. Then, leave an up-vote on an existing comment that provides those sort of details. Also, down-vote any comment that is misleading, unhelpful, or opposing to your own experience.

Disable Ad-Blockers

First of all, this might not be everyone’s “cup of tea”. Ads can be annoying and reduce the performance of a website. However, ads can be one of the best non-monetary ways of supporting the website. So, while you browse the articles there, make sure to allow their website through the ad-blocker.

For people that are adamant against advertisements, and they can provide monetary support, you can get a Premium membership on the website. This removes ads, costs $2 a month, and gives other special website access/features.